The review process within CMSG no longer requires handsearching. We would like to acknowledge and thank all of those who have helped with this task in the past:


Dr. Donato Agnusdei (Italy)
Dr. Peter Aker (Canada)
Dr. Roy Altman (USA)
Dr. Elizabeth Badley (Canada)
Dr. Nick Bellamy (Canada)
Dr. Rob de Bie (the Netherlands)
Dr. Donatella Bonaiuti (Milano)
Dr. Annalisa Cagnana (Milano)
Dr. Marisa Castagna (Castelgoffredo, Milano)            
Mrs. Jane Diamond (USA)
Dr. Ben Dijkmans (the Netherlands)
Dr. Isbella Faccenda (Milano)
Dr. Giorgio Gandolini (Milano)
Dr. Bill Gillespie (UK)
Mrs. Anita Gross (Canada)
Dr. Helen Handoll (UK)
Dr. Han C.G. Kemper (Amsterdam)
Dr. John Kirwan (UK)
Dr. Michel Lequesne (France)
Dr. Stefan Lomander (Sweden)
Dr. Jennifer Moffett (UK)
Ms. Sandy Murtland (USA)
Dr. Yoichi Nagayama (Japan)
Dr. Stephan Negrini (Milano)
Dr. George Nuki (UK)
Dr. Stephen Tripple (USA)