Evidence for Democracy wants to save Cochrane Canada

Via Evidence for Democracy

A strong healthcare system depends on reliable and unbiased health information to ensure that  healthcare practitioners and patients can make the best decisions possible. But often this information is highly technical and difficult to understand. This is why it is so important that Canadians have easy access to trusted information based on strong evidence.

Cochrane Canada is crucial to how Canadians access trusted, unbiased health information. As the Canadian arm of a global, independent network of healthcare practitioners, researchers, and other healthcare professionals, Cochrane Canada produces high-quality publications that summarize health information based on the best evidence available. This global network is supported by national and international governments around the world, which helps ensure their work is free from the biases of commercial sponsorship and other conflicts of interest.

Cochrane Canada publications are an important part of Canada’s healthcare system: for years they have provided Canadians with unbiased, evidence-based information that has helped healthcare practitioners, policymakers, and patients make better healthcare decisions.

Despite the clear need for this work, Cochrane Canada’s funding was cut last year. Without a new funding commitment from the government, we could lose this invaluable source of health information. The Liberal government has said they will restore science and evidence-based decision-making in Canada: let’s make sure that this includes restoring funding to Cochrane Canada.

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