About Us

Of the 52 currently registered review groups that make up Cochrane, CMSG is one of the largest review groups with over 700 active health care professionals, researchers and consumer representatives from 26 countries. This impressive international collection of CMSG members helps to create and edit completed systematic reviews so that they may be added to the Cochrane Library. In addition, over 500 other Canadian and international researchers and clinicians are active supporters of the CMSG. These other researchers and clinicians use Cochrane in health science curricula and clinical practice guidelines, invite Cochrane members to present at conferences, and work with fellows and trainees who conduct Cochrane systematic reviews. Cochrane Musculoskeletal was registered in 1993 by Peter Tugwell.

What is a systematic review? Systematic reviews are like scientific investigations in themselves, using pre-planned methods and an assembly of original studies that meet their criteria as 'subjects'. They synthesize the results of an assembly of primary investigations using strategies that limit bias and random error.

The editorial team is composed of 20 experts who are international leaders in their fields corresponding to the subgroups of CMSG. The CMSG is under two coordinating offices. The first is at the Cabrini hospital in Melbourne. It is under the direction of the coordinating editor, Rachelle Buchbinder and is coordinated by the Australian editorial base managing editor, Renea Johnston. The second is located at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute in Ottawa, Canada. It is coordinated by the managing editors, Lara Maxwell and Jordi Pardo Pardo, under the supervision of the senior editor of the Cochrane Musculoskeletal, Oral, Sensory and Skin Network, Peter Tugwell

We have three satellite offices: one in Birmingham, AL (USA), lead by Jasvinder Singh, a second one in Odense (Denmark), lead by Hans Lund, and a third one in Paris (France), lead by Phillipe Ravaud

Our editorial team is listed here. The editorial process is enhanced through feedback on research protocols and reviews from a group of consumers coordinated by the Consumer Editor, Anne Lyddiatt. A list of consumer representatives can be found here. With this diverse linkage of expertise, the CMSG is able not only to produce high-quality systematic reviews but also to be active in promoting change in clinical practice and consumer health behaviour.

The CMSG receives support from Cochrane Canada and the Australasian Cochrane Centre that assists CMSG members in their efforts, as well as many others working on different projects for Cochrane.

We welcome participation from those interested in contributing to the Group's work - whether as authors of systematic reviews, consumers, or external referees.

Please see the Scope of Our Work for more information about us.